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Opening machine is sturdy and durable, with a wide range of applications

Issuing time:2019-12-18 11:32Author:Quanzhou RASTA Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

The pastry machine is suitable for making pastry, lasagna, Danish cakes, pastry moon cakes, apple pie, etc., and can roll the dough into multi-layered thin crusts. The lasagna machine has high quality and strong structure, and can be widely used in Various baking shops in the baking industry, bakeries, casual fast food restaurants, western restaurants, tea restaurants, snack food factories, and Xinli Machinery Factory. Puff pastry machines are reasonably priced. They use meringues and shortenings. They can also be used to roll dough. This machine has high stability, safe operation, hygienic and easy to clean. The folding structure of Danish pastry machine saves space. The rollers of this machine are made of seamless steel tubes, after lathe processing, grinding, hard chrome plating, etc. , Easy to scratch, imported conveyor belt, lint-free, strong wear resistance. 

The crisper is now commonly used, so cleaning and maintenance of the crisper is also very important. If you have a pastry machine or want to buy a pastry machine then pay more attention to our company's website. We will share more information about the machine.

Opening machine is not only widely used, but its characteristics are very popular, because the opening machine is strong and durable:

Food-grade stainless steel: The golden carving machine opener uses food-grade stainless steel to rotate the figure to suppress aesthetic food.

Ppc transmission belt: food safety grade ppc plastic, which can be in direct contact with the real thing, harmless and durable (can be disassembled and cleaned)

Thickness adjustment setting: Jindiao Machinery has a thickness adjustment setting with an adjustment range of 0.3-3.5mm, which can be adjusted freely according to your needs.

Adjusting the conveyor belt setting: Jindiao Machinery is equipped with a conveyor belt left and right adjustment setting, which can control the transmission of left and right transmission.

Protection net: The golden carving mechanical shortening machine is provided with a protective net to prevent your hands from reaching in by mistake. For your safety, it is designed intimately.

Removable low feet: The low feet use movable pulleys and a humanized design, just for your convenience, you can move freely.

The cracker is sturdy and durable, lighting up the modern kitchen style.


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