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Advantages of automatic stuffing machine

Issuing time:2019-12-18 11:31Author:Quanzhou RASTA Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

The multi-functional automatic stuffing machine has a high degree of automation, and the control system is sensitive and accurate. The ratio of skin and filling can be adjusted at will according to the amount, and the blank is uniform. It is a new type of food stuffing machine.

The stuffing food produced by the automatic stuffing machine is equipped with various molds to produce various styles of food and cakes. It can also be combined with any baking machine to form a production line. Therefore, this machine is also the first choice for food production plants.

皮 The skin and filling of the automatic filling machine adopts multi-level direct conveying, and the internal pressure is extremely small. It can maintain the original essence of the skin and filling, similar to manual packaging.

The cutting blade is made of new materials that conform to the relevant national food machinery and food hygiene requirements, with flexible and reliable movement and long service life. Easy and convenient tool adjustment.


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