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How the egg shell separator separates egg liquid from the egg shell

Issuing time:2019-12-17 14:50Author:Quanzhou RASTA Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

The egg shell separator is composed of an egg breaker and an egg white yolk separation device. First, the eggs are broken by artificially conveying the eggs to the egg breaking station, and then the egg shell is pulled away by a special blade to allow the egg liquid to flow out and pass through the egg liquid tray. And the diversion tank, the egg liquid is conveyed to the separation equipment, the egg white yolk is separated by the separation equipment, and separated into the corresponding container.

The egg shell separator adopts a vertical hinged cage for self-lifting and a mesh seam screen structure. It only needs to put the cleaned shelled eggs into a funnel, and after centrifugation by accelerated rotation, the eggs are actively broken, and the egg liquid and the egg shell are separated. The egg liquid flows out from the material outlet, and the egg shell is lifted by the cage to be discharged from the waste material outlet, which saves labor and has high egg liquid extraction efficiency. Egg shell separators are widely used in small and medium-sized food plants.

The eggshell separator is easy to operate and has a low failure rate. The whole machine is made of stainless steel for easy disassembly and easy cleaning.


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