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About Us
Quanzhou RASTA Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of "Risingstar" series food machinery. Founded in March 2001 in Dongguan, Guangdong, and moved to Fujian in early 2019, the goal has always been to adhere to the manufacture of China's first-class traditional food production lines, and adhere to the principle of "striving for innovation and scientific management" to improve food production efficiency and reduce production costs For the purpose. The mission is to "promote traditional food culture, lead the trend of healthy food, and elevate human living standards". Products are sold to major cities throughout the country and Southeast Asia and exported to Europe and the United States. Seiko's quality, reasonable price, high-quality and fast after-sales service have been well received by customers worldwide.
Military quality, extraordinary power, high-end customers trust the brand
7 * 24-hour service hotline
Reasons To Choose Us
One-stop service provider of food machinery
Strict Production Process
Recognized by many world-renowned companies
Variety Of Specifications
Food machinery has everything, which can meet various usage needs and help you easily realize one-stop machinery purchase!
Scale Advantage, Capacity Guarantee
Focus on customization and wholesale of high-quality food machinery in the past 20 years
Professional Solution, High-end Customization
Strong team of engineers, professional, worry-free and fast
The company focuses on the automation of traditional food production. With nearly 20 years of focus and research in this industry, we can provide customers with more efficient products and excellent services. We keep in mind the theory of Kazuo Inamori: "Altruism is the starting point of business", and always put the interests of customers first. By helping customers succeed, we can achieve sustainable development of the company.
The company has a professional food machinery and food production technology research and development team, and has achieved outstanding results in the field of food production automation and production process improvement-solving a variety of traditional food production, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, unstable quality and other problems, It enables a variety of traditional foods to achieve automated production, and provides customers with hardware guarantees for more competitive products.
We persevere quality awareness throughout all work, implement total quality management (TQC) on the supply chain-design, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service, to ensure the performance and quality of each product, and we take customer satisfaction as a test The sole criterion of quality.
Consignment, on-site installation and commissioning, direct production throughout the process, and provide marketing support. Professional project operation and maintenance team, warm maintenance of SMS reminders, life-long maintenance; 7 * 24-hour response mechanism, let you feel our sincere and prompt service for the first time, eliminating worries
Excellent Customer Serviced
20 Years Experience
Nearly 20 years of production experience, the products run through the food industry, covering every industrial city
Technical Support
The company is now co-developing new products and equipment with a number of well-known food manufacturers across the country
Our products are sold to major cities across the country and Southeast Asia and exported to Europe and the United States
Global Coverage
Serve every customer seriously, efficiently and with high quality
Provide various food machinery
Serious And Efficient
Rich experience has earned us a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets International advanced service levels and domestic high-quality production levels have successfully provided mature food machinery products to many large domestic and foreign enterprises
Core Advantages Of Rising
Provide Landing Solutions For Enterprises
Multifunctional egg spraying machine, tray machine
Oil injection egg spray machine
Multifunctional cake grouting machine
Toast egg spray machine
Fully automatic crisper (dual-use)
Provide quality products to the market-grow together with customers
Through continuous innovation and development, strive to provide diversified one-stop service solutions for customers

The egg shell separator is composed of an egg breaker and an egg white yolk separation device.

The moon cake forming machine is used for the moon cake forming in the food industry.

The pastry machine uses a three-stage progressive thinning method to press the dough into a suitable thickness.

The multi-functional automatic stuffing machine has a high degree of automation, and the control system is sensitive and accurate....

The pastry machine is suitable for making pastry, lasagna, Danish cakes, pastry moon cakes, apple pie, etc., and can roll the dough into multi-layered thin crusts....

Any manufacturer must consider all aspects when choosing a production equipment, so that they can use it with confidence. ...

China's food processing equipment started in the late 1970s, with an annual output value of only 70 to 80 million yuan and only over 100 product varieties...

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Quanzhou RASTA Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
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